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Trinity College in Dublin

Before coming to Ireland I had done a bit of research about the country and about Dublin. The first order of business was to look for book shops and libraries. Books have always helped me cope better with change, because they are the only place where I can escape from daily activities. So, naturally I came across Trinity College.

The buildings, the parks and the history that surround this college made me even more curious about its history and development, so I wanted to visit it from day one.

Trinity College was founded in 1592 and it’s located in the heart of Dublin. Believe me, it is definitely worth visiting!

As soon as you pass the entrance gates you’ll be embraced by diversity, students from all over the world, tourists, teachers, alumni and different building styles. The place is enormous, so you might get overwhelmed at first. Don’t worry, everyone’s nice there, so they will gladly guide you to the places you have to visit.Trinity College - building Trinity College - buildingsNow, for all the Harry Potter fans out there, I have even better news. There is a place inside Trinity College, where you can actually feel like you’re at Hogwarts. Imagine a room that is about 65 metres long, filled with over 200,000 old and rare books… how does that sound?

Maybe this will make it easier to imagine it:Trinity CollegeI don’t think there’s any need to describe the chills and feelings you get when you walk in there. It’s like a fairytale land where all dreams can come true!Burke

This place is called “The Long Room” (obviously) and in the same building you can find The Book of Kells on display. This was written by monks around year 800 A.D…. so it’s definitely something to be looking at.Trinity College - statuesSo, this was the first place I’ve visited in Dublin and it is still my no. 1 spot in town.

Stay tuned for more landmarks and stories from our journey!

The photos are from our personal archive!

6 thoughts on “Trinity College in Dublin

  1. OMG, you were really there? I’ve seen this library a million times online, it’s amazing! Are you allowed to borrow books from there or are they available only for the students?

    1. Visitors can’t borrow books. You need to have a special permit for that if you do research or write scientific papers. And only then you can see the books you request, but only on the premises and with supervision. So, it’s a very tricky process. I’ve done my homework! :))

  2. I was in Dublin in September of 2014 and your post brought me right back to Trinity College! Being a fresh out of school student at the time I loved the ambiance there and the friendliness of the student body! We had an excellent student tour guide! The “Long Room” is absolutely to die for and I could have spent hours in there! 🙂

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