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Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Being a tourist is a job! It really is. You have to take care of the logistics, the accommodation, the entertainment and everything else an experienced tourist would do. So, it is only normal that when you visit a big city for the first time you would pick the famous sites as your main attraction points.

Visiting Dublin can be somewhat of a challenge, because there are so many things to see and do… you have to let the city grab you in and enjoy the excitement and adrenaline. Naturally, you would visit The Guinness StorehouseThe Old Jameson Distillery and The Old Library at Trinity College.

But what if you can’t deal with the fuss, noise and craziness a big city has to offer? If you’re like me, you’ll search for a park… and believe me, the best place to relax and be amazed is in Glasnevin, about 3 km from Dublin’s city centre.

Botanic Gardens - 1 Botanic Gardens - 2 Botanic Gardens - 3

The National Botanic Gardens are a must if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

When it rains…

What am I saying here?!?

Where’n in Ireland…

Let me rephrase that: because it rains so often… 🙂 the grass is always green and the air is so fresh and pure, you can actually feel your lungs getting healthier and happier.

Botanic Gardens - 4 Botanic Gardens - 5 Botanic Gardens - 6

The flowers and plants are gorgeous, the colours are magical and everything seems to be out of a fairy-tale land… You just need to grab a coffee, get a good book and find a place to relax and enjoy your quiet time.

Botanic Gardens - 7 Botanic Gardens - 8 Botanic Gardens - 9 Botanic Gardens - 10

And, the best part of it is that there’s no entrance fee, so if your budget is a bit tight, this is the perfect place to “save” some money.

Believe me, there’s some sort of magic happening in these gardens, because you’ll feel more alive once you visit them.

The photos are from our personal archive.

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