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Botanic Gardens in Cluj

There is so much that tourists don’t know about Romania… it might be because we are mostly known because of Dracula or Hagi… still, there’s more to this country than just these two famous figures.

For example, in the North-Western part of the country we have a lovely city, Cluj-Napoca, commonly knows as Cluj. It is one of my favourites, because I’ve spent a lot of summers there and I have a lot of family members living there. My husband fell in love with the people, he noticed how friendly they are and how fast they receive you in their lives. Plus, the food is absolutely delicious!

Ok, to get back to the point here… if you ever get a chance to visit this part of the country, you definitely have to visit the Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens - 01

Botanic Gardens - 04

Photos source

We visited Cluj last year, but we didn’t get the chance to visit the gardens, so the photos are taken from different websites. We’ll go there soon enough and I promise we’ll put some of our own.

Botanic Gardens - 02
Photo source
Botanic Gardens - 03

Botanic Gardens - 05

Photos source

The difference between the one in Dublin and the one in Cluj is the seasons… During the summer time there are very high temperatures all over Romania and in winter time, the temperatures drop a lot. Spring and autumn have similar temperatures to the ones in Ireland, but then again, temperatures in Dublin are kind of constant here all year round. So, just keep that in mind and check the weather before you go for a walk…

Botanic Gardens - 06
Photo source
Botanic Gardens - 07

Botanic Gardens - 08

Photos source

If you love flowers, tress and nature in general… you will be amazed of everything you’ll see here. There are so many species and types of plants, there are so many beautiful sites and places to simply relax and enjoy the great company of your loved ones. It is truly a great experience and you have to visit this place once in your life!

Botanic Gardens - 09
Photo source
Botanic Gardens - 010
Photo source

After selecting all these photos, I have to say, I really miss this place… I have so many lovely memories there… it is part of my life and I can’t wait to go again there soon. Hope you’ll visit it too!



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