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A weird Romanian superstition.

This post was written because I have to let all the foreigners know about this weird Romanian superstition I’ve witnessed. So, to understand this situation easier, I’ll explain something first. I’ve been in Romania for about three weeks now and I’ve started to get accustomed to the food, the climate, the people and everything else. The transition is easier because I have my wife and her family who help me with everything I find weird here.

The weirdest thing of them all, is something they call deochi, the verb is a deochia – don’t make me pronounce this, because I can’t get it right, although I keep on trying and in my mind it sounds completely accurate and correct. Even the word for it is weird. Basically, it is the evil eye or an evil charm that is put on babies or children by random people on the street.

Some of the people don’t actually mean harm, but they have the weird magic in them, so they can hit you when you least expect it. Apparently you get terrible head-aches, you start feeling bad, you feel like you’re about to faint, you might get a high fever or stuff like that. Pretty bizarre, right?

Wait for it, there’s more. In order to break this magical curse, there is a spell, that can be practised by a person who means no harm. They have to say three prayers and light three candles and make the sign of the cross over a small glass half-filled with water. Seriously?!?

Now, I know this is weird and unseen, but Romania is a mystical land, where strange things happen – Dracula might still be out there, watching over us.

I’ve actually met people who where cursed like that and with the magical spell got better, with no pills or anything, so it must be true in some ways.

The weirdest thing out of all of this, is that having a baby, attracts all these evil eyes and charms and stuff, so all the old ladies and everyone spits at my child to keep the harm away. Don’t worry, my child is not wet all the time… they just pretend to spit at her, basically saying “Ptiu Ptiu” or some sound that resembles this and they say that by doing this they keep the bad spirits away.

The less “spitty” option is to wear a red thread around your wrist, because red makes the dark and evil go away, so everyone is safe from harm. You can put lucky charms as well, that way the curses will definitely keep away from you.


I might just buy a few of those, to make sure the spitting stops… 😀

So, beware of this and come prepared!

“Ptiu Ptiu” to all my beautiful readers, hope all the curses stay away from you.


A confused Irish man 🙂




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