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Rain makes it all better…

I am writing this while sitting in the window, with the laptop on my knees and listening to the calm rain outside. This rain has been a blessing, after a long, hot day. It’s the kind of rain that helps clean the badness and sadness. The kind of rain that stops your worries and fears and just makes you enjoy time and life. This rain brings a soft breeze that gives you chills and takes you to a new place, a place full of hope and dreams.

I have to say, I have a lot of ideas in my head, I have so many thoughts that endlessly wander and grow in my brain and I always try to keep them in order. I write them down in my notebook, on my laptop and on small pieces of paper. I know they will eventually become something more than just ideas and thoughts. I know they will help me evolve even more and I know all my thoughts are not in vain. But today I am not writing about my book ideas or about my future plans. Today I am writing about the rain and the calmness it brings to me and hopefully to the people around me.

It’s been a crazy week, with crazy temperatures, here in Romania. It’s been a tense week in Europe, not just because of the EURO 2016, but also because of the Brexit situation. It just feels like these situations will never end.

In my opinion, people have stopped seeing each other as humans and souls. They have re-started considering whom they are friends with and whom they are welcoming in their families. Apparently it matters more who’s white or black, who’s gay or straight, who’s rich or poor and who’s influential or famous. People have become extremely superficial… and you wouldn’t think this is the situation, but it actually is exactly like this and it’s getting even worse. Racism, discrimination and homophobia are all around us and they determine every step we take.

Laws, wars, anger, hate and frustration are the main characteristics of our world. Having access to internet, having access to so much information and having the possibility to travel anywhere and everywhere, we still don’t know how to appreciate all the possibilities we have right now.

We post everything on Facebook, we share, we tweet and do all sort of actions “online”, but when it comes to “live” we completely forget who we are and what our ideals are. We judge people and we are easily influenced by the mass media and by fake journalists who create news just for the sake of creating something and getting paid at the end of the week. They know exactly how to manipulate and it’s easy for them to do it, because people don’t think anymore, they just take the information for granted and don’t even question it.

It is pretty sad, right?!

Well, believe me, it is even worse, because our children are the ones who will suffer the consequences of our present actions. We don’t know it yet, but all the racism, discrimination and homophobia can’t bring anything good to the world. They will just make people hate each other even more, disconsider the ones who aren’t like them and look down on the ones coming from other places.

How can anyone decide who is worthy and who isn’t?

  1. A person who has everything, even the possibility to kill animals to wear their skin and bring a species to extinction, just to wear a jacket for one event.
  2. A person who hasn’t got food, but eats an animal from the woods, because they can’t afford to buy anything from a superstore.

Which one is more worthy? Can you decide? Does money count that much, or do the actions matter?

Is this the world we want to leave to our children? A world full of greediness and hatred and racism… is this really what we are looking forward to?

People avoid having children just because of this. They are afraid of what will happen, they are afraid they won’t have enough money, they are simply afraid about everything.

I simply hope that things will get better and I hope people can see beyond their own personal interest and viciousness, because we have to start thinking outside the box and make a change. Our wold is falling down and soon we’ll not have anything left.

This rain today has brought a whole new perspective to my world and I will write more about my thoughts and ideas soon!

Rainy day


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