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Being a Writer!

When you first walk into a new room what do you notice?

The first objects that appeal to you are the ones you are already familiar with. A couch, a chair, a window or even a carpet. If you see any familiarity in them, you find them normal and you start to feel more comfortable in that space.

The second thing that will create a reaction in your brain will be the non familiar objects. A decoration, a colour combination, a lamp or a plant. Something you haven’t seen before, something you wished for or something you find unusual.

These are the most simple things a person will see when walking into a room for the first time. It takes about ten minutes to properly examine a room and figure out where each object’s place is. After that you might feel like you’ve been there before and try to figure out where you’ve seen certain things before.

Can I just tell you what a writer sees?

Have you ever thought about a light that shines through the window and reflects on the floor? That amazing and majestic light creates a rainbow that sparkles and brings a smile on a girls’ face. A rainbow that can remind a boy about his first kiss or about his first girlfriend. A simple physical and normal reflection that generates joy, love and hope.

A bouquet of roses sitting on the table beside the old couch. The combination of fresh and old, a combination of life and object, a blend of colours and smells. The sweet smell of roses combined with the vintage scent of wood, creates a perfume that lasts between the four walls and makes that room unique in space and time.

The story behind the roses can mean a lot to the person who put them there. It shows a meaning, it gives a personal vibe to the room and it creates a bond that no one can understand perfectly. That’s how romance, love, desire and pleasure come hand in hand. The romantic gesture, the reciprocal love, the beautiful desire and the visual pleasure which bring more and more happiness to the people involved.

Have you ever thought that a simple bouquet of flowers can personalise a room so much? Have you ever imagined that a vase with flowers sitting in the right spot can emphasise the beauty of a dull and old couch?

It’s all about the contrast, the visual, the imagination and the words.

Of course, a photographer can capture all this beauty, a painter can put more colour to this picture, and obviously a writer can make it last through words and bring it to a perfection point and keep it alive in someone’s brain.

Close your eyes and picture that room. Do you think it’s familiar? Have you ever been there?


A writer doesn’t just see things. A writer imagines things and creates an amazing story around them. There is never a dull moment, a dull object or a dull person. It is just possibilities, endless possibilities.

Keep that in mind and read within your soul. You are a writer too, you just have to take a moment for yourself and imagine and portray the beauty that lives within your heart.

Inspire and be inspired,



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