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Time to say Goodbye…

The strong lavender scent and the Christian Dior perfume smell is something I always felt when opening her perfectly organised closet. Clothes put in perfect order, categorised by colour and season. Clothes that she sewed or fixed along the years. She never threw anything, she just fixed everything. I will always remember her brown sweater. That colour suited her so well. She loved it, because it was a gift from her husband who died too early. That sweater made her feel like he was still there, close to her heart.

Her way of cooking and baking… oh, the cookies, I will surely miss those. She made divine foods and she put so much love in everything she ever did. She had such a pure heart and she will always be missed and loved for what she represented for us all.

She was a mother, a grandmother, a sister and an aunt. She was a friend, a doctor, a helper and an advice giver. She loved listening to stories and she loved telling us legends and facts from the past.

She has thought us that life is worth living, every single day! Even at her 87 years, she still proved to us that she is strong, despite her pain and sickness. That’s what a true hero is. Someone who doesn’t feel or act sick, but someone who wants to live and loves life.

Unfortunately, my aunt has left us on the 12th of October, on the same day as my uncle did, six years ago.

I will try not to cry or be sad, because I know they are both watching over us, their families and I know we’ve just gained another precious angel to make sure we are safe and sound.

I will remember the beautiful days and keep them as a treasure in my heart, and I am sure that all the missing puzzles created by her loss will be filled with our amazing moments spent together.

I will surely miss listening to her voice again… I keep on hearing the calm tone of her voice, in my head. I know I will always remember how she read stories to us and how she had patience with us whenever we didn’t want to go to bed in the afternoon.

Losing a beloved aunt is very difficult, but I know that wherever her souls is now, she has found her husband and they are now together to love each other even more than they did during their life together.

I wish we all take a moment and realise how precious our life is and how much we can accomplish by loving and respecting the people around us. It would be so much easier to appreciate what we have, just take a moment a breathe the fresh air, smile to a stranger and say hello to a lost soul. It makes the difference, and it counts. That’s what my aunt did her entire life… and she sure made us smile and love her more and more each day…

In loving memory of my aunt… I promise I will always remember you!


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