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To be or not to be…

To change or not to change… in the end it’s all about the choices we make and the decisions we want to face or not.

This year I’ ve had to change and reorganize my entire life. I’ve basically grew and got “entwined” with the seasons. Literally all the events in my life had some sort of a reaction from the Universe.

Spring has brought the growth of new feelings… and the revival of old ones I thought I lost. Each flower that bloomed opened new windows in my heart and made room for more love and understanding. I’ve come to the point where I can help people understand their own inner power… and it’s amazing to see how much people can change and show their spark and light.

I am a dreamer… I believe in magic… I believe in the power of love and I am convinced that everyone has an amazing side they aren’t aware of. I am saying this because normally people show their darker side and that great one remains hidden. I suppose it’s just human nature… it’s easier to protect ourselves if we are cautious and keep our walls up high.
Summer brings heat, storms and more heat. The rain is just a gentle reminder that heat will eventually leave and return next year with full speed ahead.

Summer was vulcanic and full of emotions, lost friendships came back to life… and my heart got bigger and stronger.

Somehow this year was  as if all the seasons passed through my life with a purpose of greatness.

We have to just agree that Autumn is the most special one, simply because it gets us ready for something…

Something good, well, at least most of the time. The leaves start falling, one by one… just like the days of the year go by. With every passing second we get closer to the last day of December and of the circle we are given. These 365 days are our chance to be the change we want to see in everyone. Most of us don’t use the chance… so autumn brings us closer to the deadline and closer to winter and cold days… it should be like an awakening.

Magic colours dancing in the wind, rainy moments bringing fresh air, shorter days and longer nights. It’s like the world conspires to give us more time to relax. But we don’t… we are on a continuous rush to do things and get places… we don’t notice all the beauty around us. Autumn is just fantastic… but we rarely appreciate it.

My autumn so far has brought peace and quiet… a sense of great respect for the people I have in my life and admiration for the ones who stood by me. A new job, which is slowly turning into my favourite career so far… filled with amazing people… great opportunities and an even bigger family where I feel at home.

It’s easy to love what you do if you receive respect and support from the people you work with. That’s the great thing about life… it gives us surprises we stopped dreaming of…

We are given one last try before winter, when snow puts another coat of magic all over the place to remind us of the beauty around. Trees are naked, showing their true colour, like most of us do right before Christmas… the nice coat of snow covers the trees just as we become better and nicer to the people around us. It’s another stop before everything freezes and relaxes.

The magic happening gives us time to realize what we’ve accomplished and make fresh plans for the New Year. Too bad this only lasts for such a short period.

So basically Autumn gets us ready, shows us the true spirit of nature, love and magic… we just have to stop and listen, feel, smell and embrace the awesome chance we have…

One year in my life… has brought new hopes, has opened the lock to dreams I thought I’ve lost and has put a new perspective on the end of the year… so much to do until December…

Life really has misterious ways to show us that we can make a difference… one by one, day by day… Autumn by Autumn…


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