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Santa Claus is real!

I overheard a mother talk to her 5 year old son in the tram today…

Mom: You need to understand, Santa Claus isn’t real, it’s just a marketing scheme.

Boy: Mom, but why do people believe in him?

Mom: Because they are being lied to since they are born.

Boy: I am glad I don’t believe in this.

Ok, let’s take a second and think… apart from the obvious “does the boy even know what marketing means?”… what is that mother even thinking?
Why would anyone take away such a nice feeling? A feeling of belief and magic? Why?

Dear boy, I have news for you… after you learn what marketing means, please be sure that Santa is real!

He is real because we all believe in his wonders! He is real because he opens our hearts and makes us better as soon as December starts.

You can actually feel it in the air. Once winter arrives, people are more kind, they rethink their entire year… make plans and actually enjoy the little things.

Cooking together with family, eating dinner and spending hours remembering stories from the past…are just some of the gifts Santa brings. He reunites family members and brings them home for Christmas… and he just fills everyone’s hearts with love. You can see it in airports and train stations… hugs and kisses you don’t see all year long. Genuine and pure loving feelings.

Santa is real because he makes us give gifts from the heart and just enjoy the happiness they bring on someone’s face. Isn’t that enough to believe in his magic?

Plus, we get all the Christmas trees, lights and mulled wine… seriously important stuff, right? How can you not believe?

So, dear non-believer mom, please open your heart and mind and don’t take away the magic…

Thank you,

A believer! 🙂


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