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Gilmore Girls

Such a nice feeling… such a familiar and cozy feeling. That’s exactly how this felt. It was as if time had just stopped, and all the worries, all the grown-up concerns and all the daily hustle had just dissolved. Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, 4 parts of the Gilmore’s revival managed to bring back all sort of emotions and made us laugh, cry and wonder what will happen next…

It all started in 2000, October 5th, that’s 16 years ago! Sixteen!!! I can still remember I was checking the books Rory read, so I could start reading them as well. I suffered with her, for Dean, Jess and Logan, and I secretly hoped she would end up with Logan – something about the English charm probably. 

Today, after seeing them all again, I have to say, I feel like I’ve met really old friends. Friends I grew up with, friends that know how I feel, who know when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Friends who managed to hug me so strong that all my problems went away. I bet we all felt that. Like a little throwback, one that reminds us how life really is.

I am glad they’ve kept the format simple and didn’t add extra appearances and managed to bring back the old staff. Because it was so great to see them all together, even just for a glance. It managed to bring back seven years of great episodes and suspense. gilmoreegilmore-girls

Family is the center of things and family is the pillar of society, and that’s what we’ve learned, once again, from the Gilmore’s. No matter how hard or difficult times get, family is always there to bring us back up, give us advice and comfort. This is something we often forget, when taking everything for granted. These series were like a revival and a helper for becoming more conscious that no matter how much time passes, our roots, and our family and friends will always be there… always!

Just watch the trailer for the revival, it will definitely bring back memories and make you curious for more:

I actually felt like a kid again, when I watched this with my mother and today I’ve watched the new episode with my own daughter. Time really flies by and it’s moments like this when we really realize what’s important and what matters.

I have to say, I felt like being part of this family again and I felt like time has stopped and brought back highschool, college, movie nights, date nights and all those child-ish memories. It’s reassuring to see that certain things never change, because that’s how we know that there’s still good in people and there’s still hope for the future.

Last, but not least, let’s just remember the amazing soundtrack from the beginning…

And keep in mind that family is what matters the most and let’s try to remind everyone how much we love and care for them!

Enjoy the show…



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