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Out with the Old, In with the New…

Three days have passed from the new-started year of 2017. How exciting… we have 12 months to do things, tick our checklists and set new goals and accomplish what we didn’t in 2016. A fresh start, a second chance, or simply just another new year start. We all have different perspectives, different ideas, different objectives and final goals. It is totally understandable.

This year, all I want is for people to come together and try to accomplish things together, let’s just call it a common purpose.

  1. Give back – people tend to give things for charity over the holiday season. This “kind heart” syndrome happens ONLY for Christmas, in December… do you know there are 11 more months apart for the last one of the year? I suppose everyone uses this chance to show that they actually have a good heart and they somehow compensate for everything they haven’t done for an entire year. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, this year, let’s try and give more, every month.
  2. Stop overspending – people tend to buy food, loads of it, buy drinks and snack, in enormous quantities. It’s a constant love for consumption, something that is implanted in our minds by media, society and the world around us. We love to consume, and to overspend on things we don’t actually need. Buy a new pot, buy a new sofa, out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new kind of thing. Buy a new car, an apartment and go on a super expensive holiday: life goals! Although we forget how to talk nicely to the people who provide those services for us…
  3. Be kinder – people call their family, friends, relatives and old childhood friends mostly around the winter holidays. Of course, it happens because everyone gets more free time, the cold weather outside makes us spend time indoors and reminiscence on the past, and somehow we remember that friend who made us laugh until we cried, or that friend who played the guitar and so many others in our lives, and it’s easier to call them and wish them well. How about trying to keep our friends closer, every month, set a goal to SEE and TALK to them once a month, it’s 12 times in a year, it’s not that bad…
  4. Be wiser – before posting anything racist, misogynistic, political, religious, or too opinionated, please read and find proper sources for your shares. It helps everyone more, especially because people are scared of all the attacks, killings, bombs and hatred, so let’s keep close, encourage one another and HELP, I mean, actual help when it’s needed.
  5. Love more – This might be a cliche, or an over-used phrase, but we actually need more love in our lives. We have to work together, as a community, as a population, as human beings and realize that this world needs us and that we are the only ones who can make a change – for us and for our children!

2016 has been a rough year, for everyone, all over the world. But, there might be a chance, if people realize that in twelve months things can be achieved, if we all work as a team!

Here’s to hoping for a good 2017!



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