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Friday Mood…

Sometimes I write my posts when I’m directly affected by certain aspects in my life. Today I am writing this post because it’s Friday and because something really interesting happened. Something I didn’t believe was possible.

This morning I went to a coffee shop, to buy some coffee for my work colleagues and for myself. Because my husband couldn’t come with me, I took a cab and asked the driver to wait for me.

Standing in line and waiting for the coffee, I just thought it would be nice to bring the taxi driver one, he looked like he needed it… so I just ordered one more.

Because I didn’t wanna influence him, or make him feel guilty or make him refuse the payment for the ride I held on to the coffee until I got to work.

We talked a bit, I told him I lived in Dublin for a while and he asked me how it was, he told me he had never traveled anywhere, but he thinks that he might just go, because he is turning 60 this year, and it’s time for him to try something new, for once.

All his life he worked for his children, all his life he dedicated his time to others and he never expected anything in return… I actually felt a bit sorry for him.

So, we got to the destination, I paid for the ride, and as I got out of the car I gave him the coffee and told him that I wish him a beautiful spring and I hope he gets the courage to travel abroad.

I had a busy day in work, I focused on my duties and on everything else I had to do, I kind of forgot about him. But somehow I felt good because I made him smile and made him feel better about himself.

I told him he should be proud of what he had accomplished and for being such a good help for the ones’ he loves.

Now, look at this:

Taxi driver.jpg

This was waiting for me in the post, with the message:

“From a very grateful taxi driver. Thank you, no one has ever done this for me before!”

This is a moment when you know that there still is good in people and that people know how to appreciate the little things in life… a good coffee, a nice smile and some kind words.


Happy, happy Friday and an amazing weekend to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Mood…

  1. Omg, that is sooooo sweet! 🙂 It’s really nice when things turn out like this :p
    And lovely of you to offer the man a coffee. I bet it made his day.

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