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Roadtrips – fuel for the soul

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Finding a balance between the day-to-day business activities, mixed with finding the right amount of passion to keep on growing skills and learning more and more, keeping family and friends close, showing love, understanding and compassion can put a lot of pressure on all of us. 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, this can drive people insane (well, not literally, but it can lead us to frustration and anxiety).

We all need an escape, we all need a place to run and forget about our worries, fears and troubles. Weekends are sometimes too short to plan a vacation or an exist plan. Books can only help us so much, although it’s nice to fly to a different world, become a new character, experience new eras and adapt to different plots and twists.

Walks in the park are good, but the city can get too crowded, too full of familiar faces, and that’s when you know you have to run away, just for a few hours.

Having a toddler can make this experience a bit more difficult, but with the right amount of patience, tips and tricks, everything can be done. Roadtrip is the name for this amazing experience.

Wake up in the morning, have a good cup of coffee, eat a nice breakfast and just think what you can do with your next 12 hours. Having nothing in your schedule makes it easy to plan:

  • look for something not too close to the city, but not to far away either, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the road;
  • make sure you have plenty of time to come back, so you don’t have to spend the night there (in case the budget is not enough);
  • make sure you have snacks, games, toys and everything you need to keep the child busy on the road;
  • have nappies, wipes, plenty of water, milk and maybe s small surprise for your baby, to keep options open;
  • a sun hat, sun cream and a change of clothes would be helpful, or a coat, jeans or something warm in case you go to the mountains;
  • check the map, entry fees, places to visit, places to eat and all that;

Logistically, if you have all these covered, your event should be a success! Plus, you won’t have to worry on the road and spend too much money on things. Remember that petrol stations are more expensive if you need to buy a juice or snacks – so keep it simple and easy.

Al these being said, we have visited Hunedoara, about 160 km from Timisoara. We left quite late, because we really didn’t plan it at all. We just went with the flow.

It was amazing, weather was perfect, the sun was on the sky all day, and we found a nice place to eat and relax after that. The entry fee was a bit much, as we didn’t expect it, because we haven’t checked in online (silly, right?).

Here are some pictures:


Side view

Inside and outside

Beautiful window

Small replica of the castle

The castle is called Corvin Castle. It is in Hunedoara, built sometime in the 14th century, with an amazing history that I will not describe here, as I really believe that things like this should be discovered by each person on their own.

What I can say is that the scenery, the fresh air, the scent of history and the feeling of being part of something so great and so old, recharged our batteries completely. This six hours break was worth the effort and it made the three of us extremely happy.

It is so great to find moments like this, and re-fall in love with each other, with life and with the world.

I can’t wait for our next roadtrip… which I hope will happen sooner rather than later. 😉




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