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Dear friend,

I am so glad you are reading this today because there are some aspects I’ve been thinking about lately and I want you to think about them too. You know what I’ve realized? We forgot how to be genuinely good to people.

Yes, it’s true, we really forgot how to do it.

The other day a girl stopped me on the street and asked if I am willing to donate 2 euro to a charity. She started the conversation with “have you done a good deed today?” and I froze. I have actually stopped and stared at her for a moment. Not because of the fact that she approached me on the street or because she wanted money, but because I have realized that I have stopped doing good for some reason.

And here comes the interesting part of my “epiphany”. Humans, in general, have stopped having a good heart. All their actions are made in order to impress or to show that they’ve done something, but not out of a true good heart. I have some examples.

Donating to a charity shouldn’t be a one-time thing (happening usually around Christmas when everyone else in the world donates) but it has to come often, from the heart and with volunteer work and active support and help. People need to be more involved in causes and care more about the less fortunate.

Raising money for a sick person shouldn’t stop just at donating 5 to 10 euro, and checking the list of “I’ve done my good deed for the next 6 months”, because that’s not how it works. Trying to involve more people into such activities, making them aware of the changes and impact these small actions could have on someone’s life is the best approach.

Now, some differences between a good deed and an actual true good heart:

  • if you help an old person cross the street, it’s not a good deed, it’s common sense
  • if you lift someone who fell on the floor, it’s not a good deed, it’s common sense
  • if you get involved and do volunteer work in NGOs or within random organizations, it’s not a good deed, it’s common sense
  • if you visit orphanages, play with children, care about them, it’s not a good deed, it’s just common sense
  • if you pick up garbage from the ground and put it in the bin, it is not a good deed, it’s called respect for the environment we all live in
  • if you smile to someone and cheer up their day, it is not a good deed, it’s a normal act of kindness
  • if you genuinely hug someone who’s hurt or sad, it’s not a good deed, it’s called having compassion
  • if you start initiatives to clean affected areas and help disadvantaged establishments, it’s not a good deed, it’s common sense

I often hear people “brag” about doing good deeds, but in fact, what they were actually doing was to be real humans and to care for their surroundings and for the people who live and breathe the same air.

So, next time, when you think of doing something good, own it, believe it and try to turn it into a habit, because little by little we can all be the change we want to see in everyone around us!


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