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“Going on holiday with my parents”

Planning, discussing, packing and finally leaving for the long-awaited holiday. Such exciting times, so much fuss and so many talks between everyone involved, it just feels like it’s stressful or that it’s too much work. I’ve managed to pack all my important things in my backpack, so I am all ready to go.

Packed my blanky, a pacifier, 3 books, 2 poneys and some fluffy toys, my cat-cat and puppy. That’s all a person needs, right? Easy-peasy and everything was done in the blink of an eye.

After all the hard work I’ve decided to help my mommy with the big luggage, she seemed to be struggling, so I’ve put my nappies and slippers in. I believe it’s important to have the right pair of shoes, all the time. 🙂

My mommy was happy with the choices, so I did good.

We got in the car and hit the road. My buddy and I were ready for the trip. Our toys beside us, our pacifiers and blankies were exactly where we needed them to be. The first big trip of my life started. I don’t remember much, because somehow I fell asleep, after playing and looking at the moon for a little bit.

I woke up to this view, just have a look:

Mmm, milk was the next important moment in our trip, as I was hungry after such a long sleep.

Soon enough, after a little playtime, some soup and checking out the new apartment we got in, we got dressed and went to see a lot of water. I didn’t know what mommy and daddy meant, but this is what I saw first.

This is just amazing, such a great place, I’ve never seen this before and it’s called “the sea”.

The water wasn’t as great as the one in the bath tub at home. It was very cold for my feet, so I just looked at the stones, they were so shiny and big in the water, just fantastic.

We went for a walk along the beach (that’s a new word I’ve learned).We saw loads of boats and kept on looking for Nemo but he was asleep and didn’t answer.

Such great boats and yachts we’ve seen, I hope one day I get the chance to go on one and test it out myself.

The view was great as well, water, mountains, the beach, trees and birdies on the sky… adorable!

One day it rained, so we stayed in the house more, watched the Minions movies and relaxed, plus played a lot and slept more. The afternoon brought us a new adventure, and we went to see a place where I could hear the echo, it was great: echoo, echoooo, echoooo. Kept on shouting and then mommy and daddy shouted as well, we laughed so hard, it was very funny.

Daddy took a picture of me and mommy, but it’s not too clear, poor dad, he needs to learn more about how to take photos with me and mom moving all the time, it’s a fast world, we need to move a lot.

Plus, we got to see a bumble bee, a great big yellow one, like the one I have at home and play with.

It’s weird to see how fast time flies when we are having fun. Mom and dad seemed to relax, my buddy and I had loads of fun, running around, singing, dancing, playing. It was loads of fun. Then we had to stop, shinny toys in a big big box with a glass. Why would anyone put toys in a glass so we can’t reach them?!?

And then back to playing and site-seeing. People put some tinny houses on a fence, wish I had my little cars and toys to play with them, but I’ve left them at home, such a big mistake.

We saw a super-big-moon… so shinny and bright, just like a big diamond.

More talking, more walking and daddies decided we should go and learn some history and see something cool and different from what we saw the first few days.

This could be my beedroom, with a view. I told daddy I want that, and he just smiled and told me: “I love you baby, one day you will have what you want”

I felt so small, close to the very big trees, filled with history.

Plus, daddy and I got to do our crazy walk and sing our songs together.

It’s so easy to have fun and enjoy your time when you have the right people around you. I don’t even know why grown-ups stress so much.

I still wish I had a big boat, they are so great. We went to visit some ruins our daddies found out about. So many lights, statues and greatness.

I loved it so much. Plus, more lights… we had to check them out.

Holidays are fun. I just don’t know why adults have so many issues and stress so much about them.

You get to see and touch monuments from history, things that have been there for a long-long time… just look at this:

The sea is great, water all around, stones, mountains and such fresh air. Of course, trees are important as well. Just tell me you don’t wish to climb on this one:

I bet you wish you would have been on this holiday with us. It was so amazing. No stress, no worries, just pure having fun, as a child should do…

Now just wait until you hear my parents version of the story. It must be interesting (not better than mine, I’m sure).

– to be continued –



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