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Roadtrips – fuel for the soul

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Finding a balance between the day-to-day business activities, mixed with finding the right amount of passion to keep on growing skills and learning more and more, keeping family and friends close, showing love, understanding and compassion can put a lot of pressure on all of us. 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, this can drive people insane (well, not literally, but it can lead us to frustration and anxiety).

We all need an escape, we all need a place to run and forget about our worries, fears and troubles. Weekends are sometimes too short to plan a vacation or an exist plan. Books can only help us so much, although it’s nice to fly to a different world, become a new character, experience new eras and adapt to different plots and twists. Continue reading “Roadtrips – fuel for the soul”

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From Dublin to Timisoara.

In order to call a place home you have to travel a long road. The road will always be filled with laughter, tears, happiness, sadness and lots of emotions and fears. It is only natural to be so, especially if you’re used to your comfort zone and didn’t really step out of it.

To decide whether a place is your home or not is a though call. Especially if you are trapped between two borders. One place has everything you are used to, the other place has new things you didn’t even think of. They are both filled with some sort of adventure and mystery. Your heart is somehow split in two, that’s how it works. Continue reading “From Dublin to Timisoara.”

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A weird Romanian superstition.

This post was written because I have to let all the foreigners know about this weird Romanian superstition I’ve witnessed. So, to understand this situation easier, I’ll explain something first. I’ve been in Romania for about three weeks now and I’ve started to get accustomed to the food, the climate, the people and everything else. The transition is easier because I have my wife and her family who help me with everything I find weird here. Continue reading “A weird Romanian superstition.”

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Vintage Bazaar in Timişoara, Romania

I can still remember my first visit to Timişoara, back in November 2013. You can read more about my first encounter here – An Irish Man in Romania for the first time. Of course, I have learned more and more about Romania with every visit and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can help people, like me, who are visiting for the first time, or who have no idea about how beautiful this country really is. My wife and I decided to create a page: Tourist in Timişoara – Romania to try and help everyone with some tips, stories and valuable advice. This way our “Carmich Travel Journal” will have more to give to the people who really want to get to know more about this country. Continue reading “Vintage Bazaar in Timişoara, Romania”

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Botanic Gardens in Cluj

There is so much that tourists don’t know about Romania… it might be because we are mostly known because of Dracula or Hagi… still, there’s more to this country than just these two famous figures.

For example, in the North-Western part of the country we have a lovely city, Cluj-Napoca, commonly knows as Cluj. It is one of my favourites, because I’ve spent a lot of summers there and I have a lot of family members living there. My husband fell in love with the people, he noticed how friendly they are and how fast they receive you in their lives. Plus, the food is absolutely delicious! Continue reading “Botanic Gardens in Cluj”

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Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Being a tourist is a job! It really is. You have to take care of the logistics, the accommodation, the entertainment and everything else an experienced tourist would do. So, it is only normal that when you visit a big city for the first time you would pick the famous sites as your main attraction points.

Visiting Dublin can be somewhat of a challenge, because there are so many things to see and do… you have to let the city grab you in and enjoy the excitement and adrenaline. Naturally, you would visit The Guinness StorehouseThe Old Jameson Distillery and The Old Library at Trinity College. Continue reading “Botanic Gardens in Dublin”

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Peleş Castle in Romania

My husband was really interested in visiting castles in Romania. Whenever we go there we don’t really have enough time to travel, but last May I took him somewhere special… Now, get ready, this place is absolutely gorgeous!

Situated in the Carpathian Mountains, it was inaugurated in 1883. It is called Peleş Castle (read Pelesh). Continue reading “Peleş Castle in Romania”