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Words, Writing and Profession

Some time ago I’ve heard a saying: “It might take a year, it might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find a way”. I have no idea who said this, but now I know that this applies to me perfectly.

Today, after 3 years of being a “blogger” or “writer” or whatever other description applies best to what I’m doing, I can honestly say that all my efforts have not been in vain. Words don’t come easy. It’s a very true statement and everyone knows that. Continue reading “Words, Writing and Profession”

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Why to choose a Career Mentor?!?

A world can’t live without the people working in it. The private and public sector, small businesses, big businesses, they all need employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re a simple worker or a highly paid manager, in the end of the day, everyone has a job to fulfil. Each individual is like a missing piece from a huge puzzle, and there’s a reason why a well oiled machine works better with a great team of people.

But what happens when you feel that you don’t fit in any more? You feel like you’ve given all your strength, all your time and all your resources for a certain job and somehow, you are not happy in your work space any more. Continue reading “Why to choose a Career Mentor?!?”

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Most Common C.V. Mistakes

I have worn many hats since I’ve started my professional career ten years ago. From insurance broker to secretary, from evenDSCF00532t planner to English tutor and from logistics administrator to senior executive assistant, I have mastered the adaptability clause perfectly. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage projects, teams and deadlines. Recently I’ve undertaken an even more complex challenge: changing people’s lives. I’ve started an online C.V. editing profile – Résumé Yourself– and helped people from all over the world find work and adapt to new environments. I am motivated by delivering outstanding customer service and dedicating my time and effort into helping the ones in need. Continue reading “Most Common C.V. Mistakes”

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How to organize an office at home?

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I have to tell you, I love office supplies, office accessories and literally everything that has anything to do with organizing an office space. Whether it is an office at home, or in another building, I absolutely love stationery. I am not allowed to buy any more boxes, pencils and things like that because I don’t have where to store them any more. That’s why I’ve started thinking about organizing a proper office in my house.

home office - 1

Continue reading “How to organize an office at home?”

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Résumé Yourself

Dear job seeker,

First impression counts! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. That first impression can change everything in an instant! Whether it is regarding a professional or a personal aspect of your life, that first look has to be absolutely perfect.

So, how can you impress an employer? Well, your C.V. is the key ingredient for this one. Making sure that everything is exactly as you would want it to be, and selling yourself as the best candidate for the job. It is important to understand that someone who works with resumes all day, knows exactly what to look for and they will spend no more than about 20 seconds when looking at your own C.V. Continue reading “Résumé Yourself”