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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

The process of growing up involves a lot of outside influences. It is a process that takes time and for some people it doesn’t happen until very very late in their lives, or maybe never, depending on the circumstances. Of course, it is important to keep a childish side and remember to be innocent and enjoy certain things, but then again, if we think about what is happening around us, we might just think there are people who don’t even know what growing up means.

I don’t know how many of you will agree with me, but I simply have to say this: our world is weird. Extremely weird. Sometimes I wish I could understand WHAT is happening and most of all, WHY it is happening. There are so many people on this planet, so many hearts and souls, but if you take a closer look you might get to the conclusion that most of the hearts are empty and most of the souls are dead. It is a pretty sad picture, and it only shows that some people don’t know exactly what path to choose. Continue reading “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

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Modern love story…

Once upon a time, in a club full of people, with loud music, flashing lights and smoke… just a regular Friday night out, there was a SHE out with her girlfriends and a HE out with the guys for a night of fun and drinks.

One second, one blink of an eye and one smile is all it takes for her to be interested in him. Two seconds, another shot of tequila and suggestions from his friends is all it takes for him to look at her and become friends with her. Continue reading “Modern love story…”

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A butterfly…

I absolutely love butterflies! They are such tiny, colourful and cheerful insects… they somehow manage to bring happiness whenever they cross someone’s path, it’s like a little spark that brightens up a day. Depending on the species, some might live a week and some might live a few months. Regardless of the circumstances they have the chance to experience everything faster than all of us.

The only thing to consider here would be… what do they actually experience? I know there’s been research done and the scientists would give very accurate explanations about a butterfly’s life… but I’m going to go pass that and imagine they are little creatures who can understand everything like humans do. Continue reading “A butterfly…”

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Inspire or be inspired.

I’m not a writer, I’m not a blogger and I am pretty sure that most of my work could’ve been done better. I don’t really know why I feel the need to write and how words and ideas just appear into my head.

Sitting in the bus going to work I see a very beautiful girl, no make-up on,  wearing jeans and a black leather jacket. She smiles to an old lady and offers her the seat with a very natural and loving look and I just realize that her smile is absolutely gorgeous. Then an idea comes, and I just want to describe the feeling she gave me… the feeling that there still are young and kind children out there. It just takes a smile and a kind gesture to make someone’s day better.

Continue reading “Inspire or be inspired.”

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The Telephone…

There are certain things in life that change… things that will never come back in style and things that will eventually be forgotten…

I just had an epiphany and today I’m going to talk about the telephone… This is something my little baby won’t use. The normal telephone, the landline old generations know. It is not because I won’t allow it. It’s because it’s not used anymore.

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