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Gilmore Girls

Such a nice feeling… such a familiar and cozy feeling. That’s exactly how this felt. It was as if time had just stopped, and all the worries, all the grown-up concerns and all the daily hustle had just dissolved. Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, 4 parts of the Gilmore’s revival managed to bring back all sort of emotions and made us laugh, cry and wonder what will happen next…

It all started in 2000, October 5th, that’s 16 years ago! Sixteen!!! I can still remember I was checking the books Rory read, so I could start reading them as well. I suffered with her, for Dean, Jess and Logan, and I secretly hoped she would end up with Logan – something about the English charm probably.  Continue reading “Gilmore Girls”

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Being P R O U D!

This is a story about Jane (fictional name) whom I’ve met about 8 years ago. Jane is an amazing woman, and her life has been full of ups and downs. Let’s just say her life literally had everything in it. Happy moments, sad memories, drama, fun and love.  Her heart has learned to adapt to situations and she eventually understood that life isn’t all about money and wealth. Once she got to understand this, she realized that her 15 years old job needs to change. She has been working in the same place for such a long time, a time when she witnessed change, a time when she had to adapt to new technology, to keep up, and a time when she forgot to live her actual life, outside of the office. Continue reading “Being P R O U D!”

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To be or not to be…

To change or not to change… in the end it’s all about the choices we make and the decisions we want to face or not.

This year I’ ve had to change and reorganize my entire life. I’ve basically grew and got “entwined” with the seasons. Literally all the events in my life had some sort of a reaction from the Universe. Continue reading “Autumn…”

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Time to say Goodbye…

The strong lavender scent and the Christian Dior perfume smell is something I always felt when opening her perfectly organised closet. Clothes put in perfect order, categorised by colour and season. Clothes that she sewed or fixed along the years. She never threw anything, she just fixed everything. I will always remember her brown sweater. That colour suited her so well. She loved it, because it was a gift from her husband who died too early. That sweater made her feel like he was still there, close to her heart.

Her way of cooking and baking… oh, the cookies, I will surely miss those. She made divine foods and she put so much love in everything she ever did. She had such a pure heart and she will always be missed and loved for what she represented for us all. Continue reading “Time to say Goodbye…”

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Being a Writer!

When you first walk into a new room what do you notice?

The first objects that appeal to you are the ones you are already familiar with. A couch, a chair, a window or even a carpet. If you see any familiarity in them, you find them normal and you start to feel more comfortable in that space.

The second thing that will create a reaction in your brain will be the non familiar objects. A decoration, a colour combination, a lamp or a plant. Something you haven’t seen before, something you wished for or something you find unusual. Continue reading “Being a Writer!”

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Words, Writing and Profession

Some time ago I’ve heard a saying: “It might take a year, it might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find a way”. I have no idea who said this, but now I know that this applies to me perfectly.

Today, after 3 years of being a “blogger” or “writer” or whatever other description applies best to what I’m doing, I can honestly say that all my efforts have not been in vain. Words don’t come easy. It’s a very true statement and everyone knows that. Continue reading “Words, Writing and Profession”